Liaoyang International Boron Alloys Co.,Ltd(LIB) is a joint -venture company which has a long history of scientific research and production of Ferroboron and Boron series alloys with its advanced technology. It' s located in the central of Liaodong Peninsula with a very convenient inland, ocean or air transportation.LIB is one of the major largest manufacturers of Ferroborn in the world with annual capacity of Boron series alloys 40000 tons. Products are well sold both in domestic market and abroad, covering the domestic market more than 30%, export takes more than 30% of the total output, mostly to the U. S. A, Japan, Korea and Europe, etc.
LIB keeps standing in the leading position in the ferroboron producers, devoted to technology reforms and quality improvement to adapt the changing market. LIB set up a complete quality system and got the certification of ISO9002 in 1995, its Low Aluminum Ferroboron was awarded Famous Brand Product by Liaoning Province in same year,The company get through the version changing test of ISO9001 standand confirmation 2015 version now.?
Our leading product is Low Aluminum Ferroboron, we also produce Nickel Boron. Chrome Boron, Cobalt Boron, Aluminum Boron, etc. Meanwhile we could develop and produce other special or containing boron alloys according to the requirements of the customers.?
The whole staff of LIB will follow the rules of “Quality is the first and credit is the supreme”, will offer the excellent quality and the best service to all the customers. We' d like to cooperate with any domestic or abroad ,friends from every field.

  • ferroboron

    Ferrboron is widely used in metallurgy, casting, hot spray coating(welding) powder, it's also the raw material for producing the growing Nd-Fe-B and amorphous (micro) materials. As the additive of boron clement, in steel, it can improve the steel's quenching degree and mechanical property;in alloy steel, it can partly replace chrome, molybdenum, nickel without reducing property; in cast iron, it can improve wearability. Especially. with the rapid development of IT and electric industry, the demand for Ferroboron in the field of rare earth permanent magnetic materials is increasing by a big margin.
    Our low Aluminum Ferroboron has the advantage of stable chemical composition, well- distributed, low impurity. Its quality is better than GB/T5682-1995 national standard, occupying the leading position in the world. We can supply all kinds of grade according to customers' requirement on size and specifications.

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  • nickelboron

    Nickelboron is used in the production of non-ferrus base metal materials and nickel base magnetie materials. As the best additive of boron element, it can give the metal materials a high magnetic conductivity, to improve metal' s wearability and quenching degree. Added to copper or copper alloys, it can improve copper's corrosion-resisting and strength, to extend its products'service life. With its unique and advanced technology, Nickel Boron has the advantage of high content of boron and low aluminum, could completely meet up the producing request of amorphous(micro) new materials.

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  • chromeboron

    Chromeboron is used in the production of non-ferrous base hot spray coating(welding) alloy powder, high temperature alloys and precision alloys. As the best additive of boron element it can raise the metal materals' corrosion-resisting and wearability, to improve its processing property.

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  • cobaltboron

    Cobaltboron is used in the production of non-ferrous base metal materials and cobalt base amorphous (micro)materials.As the best additive of boron element, it can give the metal material a high magnetic conductivity, to improve its wearability and anticorrosion.

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  • copperboron

    Copperboron is used in the processing of cooling the copper pipe in generating set. As the additive of boron element, added to copper, it can resist corrosion, improve the mechanical strength and property of copper products, extend the service life and play a decisive role in extending the using period of the generating set.

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  • aluminumboron

    Aluminumboron is the best boride agent which one as boron element be added into aluminum liquid, impurity such as titaninm,vanadium, manganese and chromium could be removed, to fine the granule of aluminum and improve its electric conductivity. Using Aluminum Boron as the boride agent could improve the operating condition, remove the pollution by other agents, raise the recovery rate of boron element, It's the best choice to improve the quality of aluminum materials for electric.

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